1. Everything is Cool, Dudes

2. Permanent Fatal Error

3. Bully (7 Seconds)


Resistors are back with a new EP!  Following up January's reactionary This Doesn't End Well with a slightly lighter message was likely easier now that the band's singer has moved from NYC to Florida.  Make no mistake though, the world is still doomed - Resistors have simply chosen to totally pretend that Everything is Cool, Dudes.

The title track tackles the realization that despite the world's events, things can't be so bad because we're all currently still alive.  Don't chill out too much, brah, because they also make the case for murder as the song progresses.  Permanent Fatal Error turns up the heat and tells the story from the half-wit Republican voter, who despite the continued shafting, seems to find a way to repeatedly stray from their best interests.  Closing out the EP out is a cover of the repurposed and relevant 7 Seconds classic, Bully.