1. This Blood's for You

2. Maximum Bummer

3. Wreckage


Released on Aces & Eights Records, January 20, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Aces & Eights World Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.


Bummed out about everything that's about to happen in the world?  Yeah, Resistors are too.

The band was essentially dead until November, when it became apparent that it was time to fire the machine back up.  There's unfortunately something to write about again.

This Can't End Well is a three-song EP that captures the disbelief, anger and general bummed outness of what the next several years will be in the US.  We were going to release it on January 20th.  But since we all might die on/slightly after January 20, we're making This Can't End Well available to download on Bandcamp right now.  It's also available anywhere you can find music.  Digitally.  Not at Sam Goody.

Hope you think it's decent.  Resistors are back.